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How has the new SAT changed from the old SAT?

The new SAT has been administered for the first time in March 2016 and the old SAT will no longer be available. Let's go over all of the changes that have been made to the test.



Score scale of 2400 Score scale of 1600 with separate essay score
Length of test is 3 hours and 45 minutes Length of test is 3 hours with an additional 50 minutes for the essay
Essay is required Essay is optional
Multiple choice questions have 5 answer choices Multiple choice questions have 4 answer choices
Guessing penalty of 1/4 point for every incorrect answer No guessing penalty
Calculator permitted on all math sections Calculator not permitted on one math section (20 questions)
Test contains questions on obscure vocabulary words Test contains more commonly used vocabulary words
Test does not require students to cite sources of information Reading and writing sections require students to support answers with evidence
Essay tests student's ability to make own argument Essay tests student's ability to analyze argument from a source text
Students have 25 minutes to write essay Students have 50 minutes to write essay
Math sections focus primarily on arithmetic, geometry, and algebra Math sections focus primarily on linear equations; complex equations or functions; and ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning
Math sections do not contain trigonometry or advanced math topics Math sections contain questions involving trigonometry and advanced math topics
10 student-produced (Grid-In) math questions 11 student-produced (Grid-In) math questions and an extended thinking (multi-part) question
Reading comprehension sections cover a large variety of source texts including science and narrative passages Reading comprehension sections will include one text from either a U.S. "Founding Father" document or a document inspired by such texts as well as texts from literature; history and social studies; and science
Writing sections contain student essays that must be corrected for grammatical errors Writing sections contain passages from careers; history and social studies; humanities; and science
Writing sections do not contain graphs or diagrams Writing sections contain 1 or more graphical data representations (tables, charts, graphs, etc)
Math concepts on the new SAT are more advanced. The College Board has modified the test to reflect the newly defined Common Core State Standards Initiative. Forty-four of the fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia have adopted the Common Core. The new test will include trigonometry and all high school math topics covered up to and not including calculus. The old SAT focuses primarily on arithmetic, geometry, and algebra; does not include trigonometry; and does not contain as many advanced math topics. Additionally, math-savvy students will not have difficulty answering all of the questions on the no-calculator section. Students who over-rely on their calculators could have difficulty on this new section.

Students who are less proficient in English will appreciate the new SAT. Vocabulary is no longer as stressed as it had been on the English portion of the test: gone are words like pusillanimous, quixotic, and perfidy. Students who have difficulty writing essays may prefer the new test that will offer them double the time to write their response. Also, the essay is optional on the new SAT so if a student is interested in a university that does not require an essay he or she may be able to avoid the essay entirely.

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