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"My guidance counselor recommended that I take the Eaton Prep course to help increase my original SAT score of 1350. After taking the course, I increased my score by 180 points for 1530. Because of the Eaton Prep course and the amazing teachers, I have a chance to reach my dream."

Connor Robinette

"Eaton Prep has helped me tremendously with my scores. The teachers are wonderful and can work with you to help you achieve your highest potential on the SAT test. Eaton Prep has helped me score over a hundred points higher in all my sections and I am very grateful for the help I have received."

Blessing Okafor
Psychology and Pre-Medical
Northwestern University

"I took Eaton Prep before taking my first SAT and it really helped with my scores. I was feeling discouraged by my practice test scores, but after taking the class my scores improved over 100 points! The teachers are extremely encouraging and work with you as an individual to help you succeed. Because of my score, I am eligible for many scholarships that will help with paying for college. I am thankful for the help and support from Eaton Prep!"

Moira Anderson

"To maximize the scholarship available for my school, I had to score a certain level on the ACT or SAT. I needed at least a 20 on the ACT to get the scholarship money ($22,000). I took a sample ACT and my shortcoming was in English. After the Eaton Prep program, I increased my English score by 10 points! I was able to score a 22 on my ACT and I received the maximum scholarship they offer. This money is life changing for me! I cannot thank Eaton Prep enough for their assistance; I could not have done that without their help. They gave me the skills and confidence to achieve this."

Drew Patla
The University Of Pittsburgh